Memory Speed Test

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Conclusion at the beginning:

Interface Data storage Read Write Current Power
intern NAND 14,3 MB/s 7,3 MB/s ? ?
intern* microSD 32GB (class4) 13,2 MB/s 5,3 MB/s ? ?
intern* microSD 8GB (class10) 15,3 MB/s ? ? ?
USB 2** microSD 8GB (class10) 16,2 MB/s ? ? ?
USB 2 Stick 2GB (transcend) 19,8 MB/s 1,6 MB/s 0,2 A 1 W
USB 2 HDD 500GB (Maxtor) 26,7 MB/s 29,0 MB/s 0,6 A 3 W
USB 2 SSD 128GB (crucial) 26,1 MB/s 27,7 MB/s 0,4 A 2 W
USB 3 HDD 1TB (Toshiba) 21,0 MB/s 31,2 MB/s 0,6 A 3 W
LAN NFS (automounted v3.0) 11,1 MB/s 9,7 MB/s ? 4 W, 16 W
SATA SSD 362 MB/s 161 MB/s 0,4 A 2 W

(*) The test with micro SD cards was done with an CloudnetGo CR9 TV stick.

(**) The test with micro SD cards on USB 2 interface was done with an USB HUB and card reader.

Here is some information about the current of USB sticks.

For power consumption of LAN the DS213j was used as example - min. 4 W in case of HDD is idle, max. 16 W in case of write process.

The SATA test is only for comparisons.

How was this tested

Write test (change into the directory of target disk, there have to be enough remaining space f.e. 2,5GB!):

dd if=/dev/zero of=nullen.txt bs=1M count=2560

Read test data storage (f.e. 5 GB):

dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/null bs=1M count=5120 iflag=direct

Read test LAN (using the file of write test):

dd if=nullen.txt of=/dev/null bs=1M iflag=direct