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It is supposed that the steps described in this page have been followed: [1]

NB: It is not necessary to install the full Android SDK as described in above link, it is enough with:

   sudo apt-get install android-tools-adb

TPSarky VonDroid's way

Since it is possible to use adb now from Linux, we can follow the same steps used to root a RK3066 device from Windows, but without the very inconvenient hassle of VMs, Windows drivers for RK adb (if you can find them...), etc.

RK Device Setup

Thanks for this section's contents go to 533online:

The following instructions are to be followed on the stick/tablet to root, before connecting it to USB:

1) Go to Settings->Storage and click at the top right on the three dots

2) Select USB computer connection in the dropdown

3) Select "Mass Storage" check box and go back to Settings

4) Browse down in Settings and select Security

5) In Security Settings, select "Unknown sources"

6) Scroll down in settings and select Developer Options

7) In Developer Options, select "USB debugging"

8) Close settings, and any other open apps.

9) Using a known good USB cable, connect the RK device to the PC, you'll get "Connecting to USB" in the notifications area in Android, and a USB icon in the notification area. You Do Not want to select "Connect to Pc to Transfer Files", in the notification menu, just plug in the cable and let it be.

RK Device Root

The following steps are just a COPY of those in "TPSparkyRoot.bat" with a minor fix for correct SuperSU installation.

These are to be done on the Linux PC:

1) Download original root from here (it contains the needed su, SuperSU, etc): TPSarky

2) Extract file into a folder, open a terminal and cd into said folder

3) Create a new text file (i.e. "gedit") and copy the following contents:

   echo "*---* RK device Root Tool based on work by sunnydavid *---*"
   echo "--- Plug in your device, make sure debugging is enabled in Developer Options"
   echo "--- This script will now copy files over to your RK device"
   adb shell mv /data/local/tmp /data/local/tmp.bak
   adb shell ln -s /data /data/local/tmp
   adb reboot
   echo "--- Reboot 1/3 - Press Space Bar once the device has rebooted"
   read -p "or CTRL-C to exit"
   adb shell rm /data/local.prop > nul
   adb shell "echo \"ro.kernel.qemu=1\" > /data/local.prop"
   adb reboot
   echo "--- Reboot 2/3 - Press Space Bar once the device has rebooted"
   read -p "or CTRL-C to exit"
   adb shell id
   echo "--- If the ID shows as 0(root) then continue, otherwise CTRL+C to cancel and start over"
   read -p "CTRL-C to exit"
   adb remount
   adb push su /system/bin/su
   adb shell chown /system/bin/su
   adb shell chmod 6755 /system/bin/su
   adb push busybox /system/bin/busybox
   adb shell chown /system/bin/busybox
   adb shell chmod 0755 /system/bin/busybox
   echo "--- Installing SuperSU"
   adb push SuperSU.apk /system/app/SuperSU.apk
   adb shell chown root.root /system/app/SuperSU.apk
   adb shell chmod 0644 /system/app/SuperSU.apk
   adb push RootExplorer.apk /system/app/RootExplorer.apk
   adb shell chown root.root /system/app/RootExplorer.apk
   adb shell chmod 0644 /system/app/RootExplorer.apk
   echo "Completing Root ..."
   adb shell rm /data/local.prop
   adb shell rm /data/local/tmp
   adb shell mv /data/local/tmp.bak /data/local/tmp
   adb reboot
   echo "--- Reboot 3/3 - Your RK device should now be rooted!"

4) Make the script executable with: chmod +x

5) Execute it ( ./ ) and follow the steps to the later, including patiently waiting for the potential several-minutes-long pauses